About Us

Distinctive's Vision

Energetic, honest, and forward-thinking, our trusted team is dedicated to achieving the highest levels of service for our customers and suppliers.

We proudly offer an expansive range of quality OEM products, and an ever-growing range of branded products from established brands.

Drawing on 25 years of collective experience in online retail, Distinctive Wholesale holds a rare position as a distributer with a unique understanding of our customers’ needs.

As natural problems solvers, we strive to remove our customers’ challenges and issues. Whether it’s taking the hassle out of returns, resolving inventory management issues with our easy to integrate live stock feeds, or ensuring you are always kept up to date with your orders, back orders and customer deliveries, we provide value by making business easier for you.

Our vision is to become the ‘go-to’ company in the UK for online retailers by providing quality products and unrivalled customer service, and to be the distributor of choice for manufacturers wanting to take advantage of the huge growth in the online retail sector.

Distinctive's Values

Our core values help to put our mission and vision into practice. They underpin everything we do.

Promote Honesty

We behave with integrity. We do what we say we’re going to do, when we say we’re going to.

Build Valued Partnerships

Trust is the foundation of all our relationships. Our suppliers are confident we will protect their brands, while our customers trust us to fulfil our commitments every time.

We focus on building lasting relationships with our open, transparent, and collaborative approach.

Embrace Empathy

With 25 years of collective experience as online retailers ourselves, we understand the challenges and pressures faced by our customers better than most. We proactively use our insight and expertise to deliver greater levels of service.

Serve our Customers

Our business actions are driven by our customers’ needs. We always value your feedback. We listen, and we adapt.

Drive Efficiency

We take into consideration your processes when developing and implementing ours. Streamlining our processes allows us to focus fully on delivering great outcomes for our customers.

Nurture and Care

Happy and healthy employees allow us to deliver the exemplary customer service we are known for. We champion diversity, equality, and positive wellbeing.

Distinctive's Values
Distinctive's Team

We recognise our people as our most valuable asset. Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service is what sets us apart.

Our employee benefits go beyond our profit-related bonus scheme and generous pension programme.

Our supportive, caring, and collaborative environment champions our employees and supports them to thrive and grow.

We invest in everyone at Distinctive Wholesale and fund our employees to gain NVQ qualifications through our partnership with Qube Learning.

Our kitchen is fully-stocked with free nutritious food to ensure every member of our team is healthy and looked after. Once a fortnight, we invite a professional masseur onsite. Alongside massage, our masseur ensures our office and warehouse-based employees are sitting, working, and lifting safely and comfortably.

All work and no play isn’t sustainable. That’s why our break room has a pool table and an Xbox, so our employees can relax, and return to work energised and focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations.